Saturday, December 28, 2013

Adventures in babysitting

She looks angelic here

For the past two days, we have been watching Allie. And until her child care officially starts, we will have her next week too. As she grows older, she is resembling her mother more and more..a very pretty baby (though Josh was  an unusually pretty baby too).

However she is the crabbiest baby I ever had to deal with. Even crabbier than Naomi. One thing that makes her happy is her vibrating monkey seat. I told Josh over the phone followed by a text to make sure he brought it here but he forgot. As it turned out, he went to a party where everyone else brought their babies and wondered where theirs was. But he said that at least one could reason with an older child (2 being the oldest in this group), there is just no stopping Allie from being crabby.

Did you ever try to reason with a two year old? Their answer to everything  is :
But they needed a break. I can see why.
She sucked up her first bottle in 2 seconds flat and wanted more, screaming while I hastily thawed a second bottle. She then was happy for about a half hour (in which we took pictures). Then a new round of fussing that turned into screaming quickly. She is a motion junkie too, not content to be just rocked. After an eternity of pacing  while patting her, she fell asleep. But those motion detectors were still on high alert and she figured out I had tried to sit down ever so carefully. Repeat pacing. Finally I could sit while she slept. I dared not put her down.

I feel that a good chunk of my time this month has been spent in doctors' offices though not necessarily just for myself. Yesterday I visited my primary which I need to do mainly to get my prescription refills. He is very amiable man who really could easily retire but seems to have a practice just to talk to people. Sort of like Josh when he was very young who viewed school just as a collecting place for his friends. The only real issue I addressed was those keratosic lesions that were burned off by a dermatologist and returned, with friends. He assured me they were harmless. Fortunately none of them can be seen unless you lift my bangs. Some have formed on my torso too which I do not expose to the sun. These ugly things are especially common amongst the fair skinned, which he thinks I am (well at least compared to him, a dark skinned Asian). I was also finally healthy enough for a flu shot.

My former employer offers all its drugs free of charge to those on its insurance. I see now that my thyroid medicine will be covered and had him write a script for the particular brand. A fly in the ointment: my drugstore does not have it and they refuse to order it so next week I have a mission.

Warm (all is relative) and sunny right now. Happy, happy. Maybe I will bike after my run once I make sure there is an ice free path.
Below are Baby Josh  and Baby Allie at 13 weeks. Josh had darker features such as dark brown eyelashes versus strawberry blonde ones:


Anonymous said...

Boy does that sound familiar! I would bounce on our exercise ball while holding Lexi or jump on my trampoline with her ( it has a stabilizing bar to hold on to) if her swing or vibrating infant seat didnt calm her. Once asleep, i dare not try and move her to the crib, so would sit for hours holding her. I bought a baby book to try and understand what was going on with her. Swaddling, adding noise, bouncing all seemed to help. Finally, she stopped crying around six/seven months. I have to say, probably due to her crying and me holding her so much, we have a special bond. Kris

Teri Bernstein said...

OMG...the high needs baby. I have some experience with that. You are a blessing to them, to be giving them a break.


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