Monday, December 9, 2013

Let's give a cheer for fat necrosis

Could Grandma have breast cancer again?
The nice radiologist with the name very popular amongst Shanna's peers finally called first thing this morning with what she called great news. Great news indeed. This of course has occupied too much of my thought processes for almost 2 weeks now along with another unspecified medical issue that resolved at the same time coincidentally.

So did I cheer? No I cried.

When this threat seemed more serious, the oncologist suggested a genetic counselling appointment whose office sent me this huge questionnaire. I told them I would follow up with this only if this lesion proved to be cancer.  I still need a follow up mammogram in 6 months along with another visit to the oncologist. Good thing I was able to switch to the lower deductible insurance despite being well past the deadline the other day. So the titanium lightning bolt will stay inside my breast for the time being. Steve asked if it would set off metal detectors. Well those 4 huge metal staples left in the tumor bed haven't, I can't imagine this would.

Now my problems are back to seeing how I can exercise in this frozen tundra and what to do about a certain child. I also will have X-mas at my house as I won't be all mopey anymore. Plus the grandbabies should appreciate all my lights.

I hadn't see Allie in a bit over a week. It is amazing how appearances change so fast early on. Little strawberry blonde eyebrows have appeared along with strawberry blonde fuzz on the head. Her face is becoming more Julie-like and less Josh- like. Josh was a blonde early on though his hair darkened considerably as he aged. His eyebrows and eyelashes were always dark. Not so with Allie. So she might be a reddish blonde. Red on our side. Allie's other grandpa has reddish hair too.

We watched the Lions lose in blizzard conditions. Fortunately the weather in MI was not like the East Coast's. Later I started watching House of Cards with friends creeping home at midnight on an inch of maybe slippery snow on a dark, twisty hilly road. I keep the brights on to spot deer (who roam at night on this stretch of road) but all I saw was white being pelted against my windshield. A bit scary.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for fat! I am impressed that you were called first thing this morning, what a relief! Have a wonderful day! Kris

jadek said...

Thanks for sharing your results, Sue. Glad you have that concern lifted and can enjoy your Christmas even more with your family.
All the best, Kathy

Teri Bernstein said...

I am so glad that this was the result! xoxo Enjoy your projects.


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