Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day

From Passive/aggressive notes
Happy that this isn't a card I've received
Factoids that I've learned recently:
That cleome rhymes with Naomi. I learned this nugget from  a garden show I watched  recently featuring dahlias, impossible for me to keep alive plants. Cleomes and cosmos are more my speed as they pop up all by themselves and are very hardy. Cleomes are very pretty but smell like skunk spray.

Poutine, that weird French Canadian concoction I ate a couple weeks ago during our Canadian anniversary celebration, has an English connection. An English speaking person suggested to a Quebecois to PUT IN some cheese curds to the gravy covered fries.

That Joyce Kilmer was actually a man, the best known bad poet of such drivel such as Trees. His life was cut short fighting in WWI. He would have been a perfect Hallmark card writer lending much more sentiment than than the card I posted above.

So what do we need to 'box' on this day?  Our problem was that we started early shopping for everyone. Good for everyone (except us) as we were constantly trying to even things out so nobody got more than anybody else. We tried to get the best deal using cash back schemes, coupons, rebates, what have you for the big ticket items. Julie had expressed a desire for a certain object months ago. We got it for them but in the meantime they got it for themselves. We already got the rebate so it isn't clear we can take it back. Also I could use it for myself. Josh already suggested a replacement gift for this but it will be more a gift to him than Julie.
And it is impossible to get things even. I showed Naomi the magazine I made for my mother-in-law. She instantly calculated that there were far more photos of Shanna than herself.

And we have plenty of food left over from yesterday. This was going to be our main meal as we have no place to go but for Shanna and Josh, our place was just one of three places they were going to. Due to divorces of their in-laws, there are more households to visit.

What did I make? An egg-broccoli cheese braid. Scallops with bacon (none of these left. Maya alone gobbled up a good portion). A ham (a lot less work than turkey) a simple green salad (untouched) Maya decorated cookies (also untouched), cheese plate (untouched) bellinis and my mini cinnabon waffles that left quite the mess in my waffle iron. Won't make those again.We also had Shanna's cheesy biscuits and Julie's fruit plate.

If I hadn't overslept and did not have Maya to entertain, I would have run when it was dry early yesterday. Cold doesn't bother me; slippery footing does. The snow started during the commute to my house making it dangerous to drive. It especially was slippery for Josh (he comes in from the North)So I am antsy to get out again. No Y for another 2 weeks.

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