Saturday, December 7, 2013

Still waiting....

Father and daughter amuse each other
I guess it is just as well as I didn't learn that the cancer returned yesterday or it truly would have been the Day of Infamy. I assume I will get a call Monday instead. And I am assuming and HOPING that it is NOT cancer. Someone else got a call saying they were in the clear medically, also weighing heavily on my mind, so at least there is that.

Still it feels my life is on hold until I get the all clear. Thank you my readers for sending words of encouragement and good karma. I was  given a list of restrictions to follow for 48 hours. I figured bicycling wouldn't jar my wound too much. Too bad the toastiness of the day before dissipated but I did get a short ride in before freezing. And on Hour 49, I went for a long run double bra-ing it, into the ten degree wind chill cold. Clear and sunny however.

I did make arrangements to spend our  up-coming anniversary else where.

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