Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My glass menagerie

Aren't  these cute? Do I give each one of the grandkids one or do  just keep their photo in it for myself. Hmmm.
Favorite one is the peacock with its wings spread. Which animal fits which kids' personality?

Peacocks are big this year apparently
I am back in project mode since I am spending less time feeling sorry for myself. Yesterday  I made a photo magazine based on my  MIL's visit last month, one for her and one for me. Today X-mas stuff. I bought those cute glass animal picture holders above. They remind me of a small hand-blown  glass camel my mom bought for me from a gift shop in Rockport MA. She hadn't bought me many things like that before (things always were utilitarian except for this) and a hand blown porcupine Soulmate gave me for our first X-mas. Not sure where either of these things are now but I treasured them for years. I also have some little frame X-mas ornaments in which I will find suitable grandchildren heads to place in them.

This frigid weather is making my exercise time very unpleasant. Fortunately today was a LiveStrong day. I've missed half of the classes between illnesses, visitors, trips, and that cancer scare. Today's focus: balancing. Yesterday the only ice free running area was in an office park near us.

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