Monday, December 2, 2013

Maya goes to the Dental School

Getting dental care is not easy on a strict budget. Fortunately the dental school provides it once you are finally accepted . It takes more than a year for an adult to be seen there. The time line is about 2 months for a child however.

I had taken Maya to a private dentist back in the fall. She was accepted to the pre-school program at the last minute which was contingent upon a recent dental  check-up and a physical. No time to wait for a dental school appointment. The private dentist found 3 cavities, unbelievable for someone so young. I had the molar filled but balked at the $360 for the little ones in her front teeth, which will fall out within 2 years. Now I wish I had just spent the money as this has been quite the ordeal.

She went there about a month ago to have this done. They gave her laughing gas, as the private dentist had. But they wouldn't let Naomi in the room with her. Naomi could hear her scream in terror. Also Maya had a cold so she couldn't breathe through the mask. Naomi ran in there and took Maya away and told me she wasn't going back there. Maybe if you are clear on the ground rules? Make sure you are allowed with her. It's a pediatric clinic. They must know not to separate a child from a known adult.

They called her up and came up with a new plan for treatment. This time it involved sedation and they would let Naomi in there. This morning was the appointment. As Naomi is sick, we took Maya after she was done with her father's visitation to keep her healthy though this meant no sleep for me. Maya does not want to sleep alone and she kicks all night. Naomi checked with the dental school to see if it was necessary for her to be there. She was presumably told that it was fine as long as the paperwork was filled out and signed. It is impossible to park there so I dropped Maya and Steve off early this morning. As soon as I got home, Steve called to say nothing will happen unless Naomi was there. Great. I get grumpy, sick Naomi out of bed and rush back downtown with her (rush hour traffic!!). The sedation meant she would still feel everything but she would not remember any of it. Steve stayed with her. It was pretty awful and no laughing gas. She couldn't go to school afterwards as she acted like she was drunk. She would fall every few feet and was even more irrational than a 3 year old usually is. We had her for most of today while the drug wore off. Naomi finally thought she was healthy enough to deal with her.

Meanwhile Allie turned 2 months:

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