Friday, April 14, 2017

Vanishing into thin air

Easter wreathe

After 3 hours of extensive and frantic searching, not including time Steve spent looking because there was an outside chance he grabbed them as they look identical to his and he put them somewhere, I finally found my keys. I thought I was going crazy. Obviously I had them when I drove home from my cooking class Wednesday night. I usually put them back in my purse or at least lay them down next to my purse but the next day, they weren't in my purse (which I emptied at least 5 times, at least it is neat now). Unless someone broke into our house (and left my wallet) or I flushed them down the toilet, they had to be in the house. Years ago, I had to replace all my keys because 2 year old Naomi put them in a cereal box, which I didn't discover for 3 months until I was throwing the box away. At least we had keys easily duplicated in those days. I had no toddlers to blame this time.

But somehow they ended up under pillows on our couch. Perhaps  I put them on the edge of the couch when I returned to go to the bathroom. How they got under the pillows is a mystery.Who knows but it is a relief that they are found as they can not be duplicated. Unfortunately, the old car's air conditioner can not be fixed for less than $1200 (coolant and seals were fine, some stupid electronic module, not so fine) so it will be a winter car unless we want to drive with the windows open (which I hate).

I hope the thunderstorms predicted for Easter morning will not appear or pass quickly so I can have the egg hunt outside. Just need to stuff all those eggs as we have 5 hunters. And biking on this cold, windy, rainy weekend will be out though I did go for a ride today.

Still losing weight, yay! I was in a boutique the other day (a cheap one) looking at tops. I selected one. The owner frowned, I don't think that will fit you. Oh, you think I need an extra large? (I said with some alarm). Nope, you need it  smaller. Well the smaller size fit perfectly.

I should be doing yard work. I will be able to harvest rhubarb soon. The flowers are almost 3-4 weeks late. I went for lunch with a good friend the other day and was surprised to find Ramy and Shanna at our lunch spot. Surprised as Ramy works then and Shanna is retrieving Tessa.

Our cooking class featured foods good for the brain. People who eat lots of blueberries, fats found in fish and nuts and avocados have better brain functioning when they are older than non fish eaters. But it could be a class thing; poorer people don't eat these things as often. This time we had a complete dinner: avocado salad with beans and tahini; poached in white wine salmon with leeks and capers (lots of whiners wouldn't eat the leeks or capers so I did) and for dessert, a mousse-like concoction of ground blueberries, ricotta cheese and whipped cream. Since it was Passover, she made haroset, supposedly representing the mortar Jewish slaves made for Egyptian building projects, made of ground almonds, fruit and apples. She forgot to buy raisins so she substituted fruit and nut granola bars. Someone pointed out the granola bars would not be kosher for Passover. There was a mother there whose one year old (roughly Shanna's age) was diagnosed years ago with leukemia but a rare strain, not the usual, curable childhood leukemia(ALL) They tried several different regimens, all experimental, and knocked him into permanent remission but there were many permanent side effects.

I visited my friend yesterday who is battling graft versus host disease which mainly affects her lungs. While I was gone, she got influenza B (along with many people, those flu shots were deficient) and had to be hospitalized because her oxygen levels dropped below 70 (I tested mine with her pulse oximeter:98). She is finally recovering. So much crap she's been through.

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Elephant's Child said...

Congratulations on the continuing weight loss.
I should be in the garden now. Shortly.
And that dinner sounded lovely.
Cancer treatments are often vile. And the side effects are sometimes little better than the illness.


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