Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter 2017

Naomi and Hannah
all the girls had to gather around for the fascinating diaper change

It is becoming harder and harder to have them look in the same direction
I have at least 4 types of daffodils. These are my favorite

Fortunately the forecasted thunderstorms did not appear so I was able to run a long way, in shorts!!, this morning coming across different varieties of peepers. Bonus, we were able to have the egg hunt outside and the ground was dry. I spent some time last night stuffing plastic eggs with jelly bellies and peeps. I had some chocolate foil eggs too. I put the easy to find eggs in front where I sent the girls out and harder to find eggs in back where I sent the boys. They seemed to have fun running around finding them.

This morning was spent cooking but I had everything ready in time for the egg hunt. We adults sipped on mimosas. The kids played well with each other for the most part. and Hannah is so cute. A good day.

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Elephant's Child said...

It looks like an excellent day.
I agree - Hannah is seriously cute.


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