Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Scananxiety redux

early sun filtering through service berry blossom buds
mystery object purchased recently at an antique store. Small bird bath? Elaborate salad bowl?

I have 5 varieties of daffodils in bloom. Here are some of them aside from the plain yellow ones. These are quite tiny

Well it is over, the dreaded mammogram. The technician had to keep repeating it on my bad breast because the seroma looking very much like a tumor, is very close to my chest wall and she had to keep stretching my skin. Ouch. And then I had to wait and wait while others who came after me got to go home with smiles on their faces while my heart beat faster and faster waiting. The seroma is about the size of an egg and is hard as one. It gives me the creep to touch it. The plastic surgeon cut into it and said it was like a geode, full of calcifications but no sign of life. If he were to add fat to it as planned, there would be no blood supply. A dead zone but then again, cancer couldn't survive in it either. But it looked the same as last year so yay! I won't have another until next May

I've been getting little things done, a lot of seeds planted in pots to be transferred to beds once they are big enough. Plus I organized my closet a bit. I had this giant cardboard box full of my athletic clothes. Things would get lost in that box. I moved up a book case and now organized the shelves with biking, running and winter clothes. My dresser is full and all that can be hung up is hung up. Steve still has several big boxes of stuff he never unpacked in our closet. We have lived here more than 2 years. And he never changes sizes unlike me though I did give away lots of my smaller clothes (that would fit me now!!)before moving.

The week of birthday lunches. I went out with a former colleague, my birthday buddy, the other day on a nice warm day. We sat outside within 30 feet of the railroad track. A nearby couple did not notice the tracks (cut into the street) and jumped a foot when the train came roaring by so close. then today, to a new Indian restaurant with my lovely older daughter.

The weather has been good for running and bicycling but now I hear thunder...


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Congratulations on your good mammogram. It must be so hard on you when you have to have one of these.

I have lived in my house for 15 years and still have one or two unopened boxes in my basement from the move. They belong to my children, I think. I can understand your husband's procrastination.

Elephant's Child said...

I am glad you got through mammogram. Painful things at the best of times.


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