Friday, April 7, 2017

Birds of Arizona

Stellar blue jay Likes Ponderosa pines. Lots of them near Sunset Volcano

love his white eyebrows

Curved beak brown thrasher

Gambrel quail

Gila woodpecker: responsible for most of the holes in the saguaros

female pyrrhoxia

black chinned or Anna hummingbird

Costa hummingbird, the main year around resident of Southern Arizona

Female broadbill on nest which had 2 babies under her

male broadbill looks black sometimes

broadbill in better light

western tanager

evening grosbeak Haven't seen one since I was a kid

male pyrrhoxia

cactus wren, 4 times larger than the house wrens we have but has an awful voice sounding like a car trying to start

gilas love ocotillo
long tailed grackle, much bigger than the grackles at home and even noiser

gila outside of nesting hole

Birds we saw but could not get good pictures: ladder back woodpeckers, gilded flickers, pinyon jay, and a possible red naped sapsucker (saw this from below and saw a distinctive red splash on its neck.)  We saw plenty of mocking jays and 3 kinds of doves. Spotted a possible Scott's oriole (the camera was not around other than a poor iPhone shot). The inn has a resident owl that escaped me seeing it and no road runners.

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Beautiful things. Thank you.


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