Saturday, April 29, 2017

Almost mine

I saw this beautiful glass sculpture a few days ago. I didn't buy it. I went home to research it and think about it. Finally I decided that I wanted it and called the store up to reserve it. yes, it could be mine. But somehow there was a misunderstanding and it was sold by the time I came to pick it up. Miscommunication.
3 year old yoga. Allie is 2nd from the right.
Tessa and a goat
I planted rhubarb 2 years ago. I only took one cutting of it last year but this year I will have tons. Turned it into a tart to be served tonight at the Moms

Looking at the forecast, there was only one small window of dryness for the next 4-5 days, early this morning. Extra bonus, it was above 50 when I left at 7 am so I had just my shorts and a short sleeved jersey. Ugh, soon the wind kicked up and the temperature dropped down to 44 before I was finished. I was so chilled I could barely get off the bike but I have been able to ride almost 80 miles in the last 8 days.

It had been in the 80s. A friend and I planned to sit on my porch the other night as the sun went down, drinking wine but the cold front blew in and made that miserable.

The artist who made that sculpture pictured above is kind of a big deal and has some of her work on exhibit at the Corning Glass Museum, The asking price for this sculpture was less than a tenth of what similar of her pieces go in a gallery. I even sold Steve on the idea and was so happy that they reserved it for me. But someone did not know it was being reserved and sold it. It is from a gallery that is being sold off slowly. Presumably I will get first pick of the next stuff, which is similar, from there. But for now, I am disappointed.

Josh was supposed to take me out last night belatedly for my birthday but that fell through. Maybe tomorrow I am told.

Meanwhile I have pretty sparkly peach colored nails.

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Elephant's Child said...

Good luck with the next piece of her work.
I love rhubarb, and it is years since I have had any. Thanks for the reminder.


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