Thursday, December 15, 2016

Waiting for Decima

Frittatas were the focus of last night's cooking class. This one is made of red peppers, spinach and chick peas. The yellow is due to turmeric. All  4 frittatas were a combo of red and green vegetables so they looked festive
pink angel to top the bedroom Xmas tree
Hand painted Plymouth Michigan ornament featuring the Penn Theater. Usual cost by this Polish artist: $42. My cost: $3.30
Primitive painting on wood. Looks Frida Kahlo like
cute beaded lamp Looks better on but camera doesn't deal with pinpoint light sources well
I have it next to my wine collection. Tried to look this up but could not find anything like it.

During this time a year ago, I was still able to bike though due to my surgery, I wasn't supposed to for 2 months. I figured with the girls strapped in this medieval surgical vest, they weren't moving anywhere as long as I was on smooth pavement.

No thanks to the polar vortex, it is cold though well bundled up, I still am running. Very cold snow is like powdered rubber so slipping isn't so likely. The other day, when it was a toasty 15 degrees, a little old lady, older than me, was biking on the shoulder of the road I was running on. A tough lady. Tomorrow Decima comes with 5-8 inches of snow. Yuck. They have only been naming winter storms for a few years but already they seem to need to make names up. Decima? Last Sunday's treat was named Caly. The A and B named storms seemed to miss Michigan.

How have I been amusing myself when not complaining about the weather? We did go out to eat on our anniversary with Josh, Julie and Allie. I did not have a drink though Josh  reluctantly let me sip on his fancy top drawer margarita. Later I figured, it's my anniversary, I deserve  a half glass of good wine I had been saving. So the bottle is open. I am having a few people over Sunday. They can drink the rest. Not fun dieting during the holidays and not being able to go out as much to exercise. At Shanna's yesterday, I felt guilty having Syrian spinach and cheese pies her mother-in-law made. At least I didn't eat the baklava (which she also makes well). And hardly anyone braved the weather (snowing yet again!!!) yesterday for our class so more food for us all. More opportunities to exercise restraint. And next week will be worse. But after Xmas, things should be easier. Still am losing weight but not as fast as I would like.

We stopped in my second favorite resale shop in Northville before dinner. It was finally open. The last few times I had been in town, it was closed. That's where I got the lamp.

Yesterday was Super Senior Day so I got a very few things. I will try to not visit these places as much going forward.

20 days, at most, before we meet the newest baby.

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Elephant's Child said...

Love that lamp.
And am a big frittata fan.


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