Thursday, December 1, 2016

Blue Angel

My friend made me a wreath
complete with lights. I have it hanging over my fireplace
I have my blue angel hanging in my bedroom window

I am currently trying to transfer the stuff on my old phone to a new one. It is stressful. I would have happily kept my old phone but find I have to reboot it more and more to make it work. We took the phones (new and old) to the Verizon store. They weren't too helpful other than to tell me to buy more storage to back everything up in the cloud and then switch the sim cards. So I bought more storage (why does Apple provide so little?) and backing things up. Two more hours to go.

I had to wear my oldest article of clothing, an Icelandic wool hat, to keep me dry in the ran/snow mix I ran in this morning. I dare not wash it lest it shrink. It is probably dirty but I am alone when I wear it.

This has been a low key week. One night, Shanna and the kids came over for dinner. Maya was here too and stayed the night. She wanted another 'cacuzzi' pretending to be a mermaid splashing all over the place. Not too relaxing for me.

Today my friend came over for an early lunch. She leaves soon to be studied by the NIH to hopefully give her some answers regarding her host versus graft disease. Her stem cell transplant was a success in that her new bone marrow is producing healthy red cells but the lymphocytes that came with the stem cells are attacking her body. Some of the damage is irreversible. How to keep it from progressing is what she hopes to find out.


Elephant's Child said...

Love the wreath and the angel.
And hope your friend gets some answers. Positive answers.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

What a lovely picture you took of the wreath you received.


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