Saturday, December 3, 2016

My girls one year later

The artist down the street had an open  house today featuring bird art. I had bought a watercolor she made years ago at a thrift store for a dollar of a house finch. She is selling similar paintings for about $70. I did buy the above ornament featuring a red bellied woodpecker that I now hang over my back door. Mr Red bellied woodpecker finally came back yesterday after a 6 month absence to my suet cake. His mate hasn't shown up yet. Included in every purchase was a little gift. In my case, a miniature whooping crane with bittersweet. Also she had lots of treats..not good for yours truly. Seven layer bars..who can resist?

My cat sugar and cream set. Cream comes out of the raised paw. Above are the blooms from my Christmas cactus that Shanna gave me a year ago after my surgery. The plant has doubled in size
Finally loaded everything successfully to my new iPhone. Its camera is supposed to be superior in low light situations. I was trying it out here. The only light in the room is supplied by the light strips along the tray ceiling

A year ago today I underwent reconstruction surgery for my 'macromastia' i.e. mega boob. Several surgeries plus radiation left me with one hard miniature breast and one massive, soft breast. It was hard to hoist the one up to the same level as the other resulting in a Picasso-esque effect. The plan was to whittle the big one down to size and plump up the other with tummy fat (suck away, please). However during surgery, he found the latter would be impossible as I had absolutely no breast tissue left to graft it onto. A dead zone, he called it. Recovery consisted of sleeping upright with the girls girdled away for 3 weeks and no lifting more than 5 pounds for 2 months. Running was out of the question too. When I was finally cleared to run, I tripped ripping my mouth to shreds with my broken teeth. More inactivity ensued probably resulting in the extra ten pounds on top of a bunch of fat I had already gained over the past ten years with lots of excuses for. According to the pathology report, 150 g of breast tissue (about a third of a pound, did they test all of it?) was examined for cancer. None was found. My scars are still reddish purple though who sees them. Originally the new breast was quite hard but it has since softened. Still is on the same level. I could still go braless as I pass the Ann Landers test (breasts will not support a pencil if tucked beneath).

What can go wrong if one insists on burying ones head in the sand to avoid unpleasant news.

I didn't weigh myself for the past ten years because I didn't want to be depressed. I do know that I gained 10 pounds since last year as my weight from the presurgery visit was on the charts. After I finished treatment, I did lose about 10 pounds or more. The steroids I took for chemo made me into a water bag and increased my appetite. Chemo also destroyed my red blood cells making me too weak to move much. Butt once I finished treatment, no steroids and returning red blood cells made it easier to exercise so I did lose the chemo weight. Should have kept going. But now I am down 23 pounds. Yay! Still a long way to go.

Not dealing with finances. I just sign our tax returns with out looking at them trusting Steve to do it right. The other day we get a note from the IRS warning us the penalty for NOT having health insurance will go up dramatically from the fine we paid this year. What???! Somehow Steve failed to show we had health insurance so the IRS subtracted $1500 from what it owed us. Ugh! But I assume we will get this back once they received our amended return. What other mistakes has he made?

The other day, a big package is left on our porch. Early Xmas present? Nope addressed to the former home owners who, once we contacted them, want it saying they will pay the $20 postage. Still a pain.

Our warm November is no more. I biked today when it was 30 degrees though windless. Despite two pairs of sox, my feet were numb. A good friend came yesterday to keep me company. I added a bit to my family tree though lots more to do there. I guess I will have time as I am no longer gardening.

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Elephant's Child said...

Congratulations on the weight loss. That is a most excellent start.
Sigh on the tax front. I have learned, and check and double check anything himself lodges. If he gives me the opportunity.


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