Wednesday, December 7, 2016

La Bocca della verita

Maya was with us for awhile last night but then demanded to go home. Not sure if she wanted to hurt our feelings or really wanted to be home. Naomi came and got her
The original Bocca della verita is a 1300 kg marble disc in Rome. Somewhere I have a photo of me sticking my hand into it. If I tell a lie, the hand gets bit. I found a miniature one at my favorite resale shop
Who would throw away this enormous smoking santa in an ornate frame? My neighbor who is moving would. Maybe I will make use of the frame. Oh well, the price was right. Included in my trash diggings is a beautiful mahogany mirror
This triptych of the Brooklyn Bridge hangs over my TV in our bedroom. I like it.
I was playing around with the low light feature of the new phone Note lit up Hanukkah house 
color changing trees on mirror
snowflake lights through the stained glass
and through the other one

As I was standing in line at Treasure Mart with my few treasures, I see a beautiful iridescent turquoise vase behind the counter. How much is that?
Prepare to faint..$395
Turns out it is antique Steuben glass, their so called aurene glass because it contains gold. They were a competitor to Tiffany though their glass is allegedly superior. That made the aurene glass between 1902 and 1933. Steuben glass is a subsidiary of Corning Glass so this was made in my home town. Is four hundred dollar a good price? Probably assuming this is not a forgery and is in perfect condition. I have never paid more than a hundred for art (and I can't remember when I did that though I am sure I did). The vase is so, so pretty.

I could hear the coyotes howling as I ran today though the sun had been up for at least an hour. Running will become less pleasant for the next week or so. The 30 degrees today will feel tropical. Can't wait for spring.


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Sadly, Spring is a loooong way off.

Did you buy the vase? I just spent $200 for a picture that my 15 yr old granddaughter painted. The arthouse that had it was asking $400. I got a discount because I knew the artist. I figure it will go towards her education.

Elephant's Child said...

Love your finds.
Happy running.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

No I didn't buy the vase. A bit too much even though it seems like a good deal. There is a man who skims over the place to buy Steuben, mainly the clear crystal. He will probably find it.
Your grand daughter has paintings in an art house?


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