Saturday, December 17, 2016

Fed Ex protects felons

Sadly apt
Pretty sky the other night
Tree with half of the presents wrapped Still a bit more shopping to do

This has been a tough 10 days weatherwise. I will appreciate so much more the luxury of having firm ground to run on. Decima fortunately was a bust with only a few more inches but now there is freezing rain. Hope all will clear, as they had predicted, for my get together tomorrow. Still the last time I took a break from running was over a month ago when I was in Corning. I had awoke to pouring rain and I was in a deep forest in steep hills. I guess I could have run with the street lights later in Brooklyn.

Annoying things: My hibiscus is covered with both aphids and some white moving dots. I washed all the affected areas with soap. As this plant is right next to where we eat, I don't want to put poison on it

Last summer a Fed-Ex truck ran into Naomi's parked car smashing the back and breaking the brake light. A neighbor witnessed the time and the address however not the license plate and said she'd be a witness. Fed-Ex said they have no way of knowing which truck was delivering at what time. Liars! Protectors of felons!!! A police report was made but they seemed to have no urgent reason to investigate. Theoretically the insurance company was going to do it but didn't seem motivated. We have a high deductible on the car. We since dropped the insurance company as they are very unreliable. Naomi meanwhile was picking up warnings from the police about the brake light but of course can't afford to fix it. So that's what we did this week. Gets me mad that Fed Ex is so dishonest.
And now she as major plumbing issues. The man who d so much work on our old house was very hard to get ahold of and now says he is too busy. Still waiting to hear from the guy he suggested.

And Trump. I hate looking at Facebook or the news because all it contains are more audacities of The Orange One.


Elephant's Child said...

Love your tree, your sky and your snow.
The other issues? Sigh.
I hope you can put them out of your head and have some fun.

Anonymous said...

I am immersed in all things Trump. After the primaries, paid little attention to the candidates(neither would get my vote)thought for sure HRC would win, sat watching election night in disbelief. What happened? Started to investigate. Kris


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