Saturday, July 30, 2016

Squash and dolls

yesterday I purchased 3 handcrafted dolls for a total of $7. This one didn't have any info on it but the other two, particularly the sheepman, were originally quite pricy

today's squash harvest which I will share with the bicycle posse later today
Steve picked these while I was gone. Probably the first thing he has picked in his life, city boy as he is. Note size of squash compared to his hand

Storms are skirting north of us per usual. We must have an invisible shield around us that repels rain. Thursday's storms blew right by; yesterday's storm sprinkled for 2 minutes. It is pouring a mile north of us. Still the constant  thunder made me nervous to venture too far from home on my run today.

We are to have a pool party today with the bicycle posse. Our hostess lives right in the thick of the storm belt NW of me. Still it can't rain every second that we are there and we will be near shelter. And it should be fun even if we aren't in the pool.

A man who lives about 2 miles from me buys up small estates and resales them every 2 weeks in his barn. Most of the stuff is quite junky but I have found a few nice things. The dolls I bought yesterday were especially a good deal. One of Steve's favorite shows is Antique Roadshow, puzzling as he never had antiques aside from his comic book and baseball card collections. Hs has learned never to take labels off though. While looking over my shoulder while I was looking up Sheepman, he said, Don't take that label off!

I have uploaded Maya's  DNA to Promethease, which is an ever expanding database that keeps track of what genes influence one's health and appearance. Most conditions are quite multigene controlled. They have about 10 genes identified for hair curliness alone (and there are probably more not identified) I seem to have all ten of them for hair straightness. Still lots of bugs in the system as Maya's eye color was predicted to be green ( I am sure she has lots of genes for that) but she has dark brown eyes. Naomi had fun going through the predictions, 3 genes for small breasts, for example.

One set of genes not covered are the BRAC1and 2 gene deletions.  Naomi's health care provider seemed quite concerned that she was Jewish, had a mom with TNBC, and a grandmother and great aunt with BC (ER+ and late in life). When I had it, I was deemed too old to be worried and not Jewish enough (1-2% doesn't count) but guidelines have changed. Naomi has much better insurance than meand the provider really thinks she should do it. And of course there is Shanna and three (for now) granddaughters whose health is on the line.

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Elephant's Child said...

Health is a minefield isn't it? And knowing more doesn't make it (much) less random either I often think.


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