Monday, July 11, 2016


"squaghetti" created by ramming squash though a  spiral shredder. Lots of work
the nose and mouth were used as fodder for the squaghetti. Will slice up patty pans another time
yesterday's visitor
At the Mom's group the other night, one of the mom made several slide shows of her recent adventures. This was from her visit to Detroit which is becoming more and more mural covered
another of her photos

We did our last big ride before next week's long ride in Western Michigan yesterday morning. I fretted because my friend wanted a later start than I am used to. Temperature, traffic and wind all increase with time but fortunately not enough to make the ride unpleasant. We made several stops. Usually I go non-stop but by his late hour, some businesses were open. I think  I am in shape for the ride with much more miles under my belt. Last year I was distracted with dealing with the old house. What a time and happiness suck that was!

Things are growing. Every morning I survey what is new while sipping my coffee. Lots of squash and chard for now. Tomatoes will be ripe when I am gone.

The baby barn swallows are learning to fly and hunt. This will take a couple of days. One of the five is much weaker than the others. They return to the nest at night and the parents still feed them but they are on their own at the end of this week.


Elephant's Child said...

Do you get spaghetti squash over there? It is the only way we would ever get any. I am far to lazy to put the vegetable through a spiraliser.
Good luck on your ride.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

We do have spaghetti squash but it doesn't ripen until the fall. I was thinking of growing it but it takes up a lot of room.


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