Friday, July 15, 2016

Photographic frieze

all along our family room and breakfast nook ceiling line we have 16x20 prints of our travels
new handmade tiles. I love irises
This will go over the bedroom door. From Italy
from the Michigander website. Unlike the early years of the ride, most of the trails will be paved
I am looking forward to being along Lake Michigan

Aside from selling his photos to various stock photography businesses, my father would enter various photo contests and usually win. Often these contests were sponsored by Kodak. In the 50s and 60s, camera stores would have friezes of Kodak prize winners along the ceilings. Of maybe 20 photos displayed, there would usually be 2 or three of my father's. A game would be while entering a new store was for me to identify his. Not hard. Also, we'd go to pet stores and find his photos on pet product labels and in toy stores, his photos will have been sold to puzzle manufacturers.

Most of our photos would not be prize winners but they remind us of happy places. And of course, we have plenty of photos of our pretty babies and theirs. I think I will enter Steve's photo of a red bellied woodpecker with its outspread wings to a bird magazine.

What big lesson did I learn from the whole cancer experience? my new friend, who is newly diagnosed with BC, asked the other night at our cooking class. Um..well I know the correct answer is something like not sweating the small things and appreciating every moment because it could be your last but I turned to her and said.
Absolutely nothing other than cancer sucks and is unfair. I have lost friends to it, despite their good attitudes. And I am lucky.
Should I be adopting these recipes I learn about in the class. Yes I should. Not only to prevent cancer but a myriad of other disorders. But there is a big space between awareness and change. At best I've made baby steps, very tiny baby steps.
Aside from this woman who I can become friends with, some others who haven't been there in a while reappeared like the sweet woman who shared some of her flowers with me and offered more. But I will miss next class because I will chillaxin' on a beach in Delaware. Really. And another who had postponed her big anniversary trip because of cancer to Northern California, finally was able to take it and wanted to give me feedback on my suggestions.

Before a trip, especially one that takes a lot of planning (I have lists), I start to get stressed. In 2 days, I will be gone. I will have new glasses and new hair. I made the long ride out to my hairdresser yesterday. As the freeway was blocked by yet another accident, I took the side roads, one of which I biked along years ago. Pretty rolling hills through German settlers' farms. I also have fresh eggs, some which I shared with another friend I stopped by on the way back who was surprised that feathers still clung to some of the shells. Steve is suspicious of anything that doesn't come from a shiny store and of course, I am quite the opposite. I know the chickens that laid them. and for my produce I am growing (way too much squash), I know what has gone on top of them (absolutely nothing).

Today is my oldest child's birthday. Thirty-seven years! It doesn't seem possible. I will take her to a late lunch. It is also my daughter-in-law's birthday and one of the Mom's daughters. Beware the Ides of July!

Below, my beautiful daughter through the ages

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Elephant's Child said...

Your daughter is indeed beautiful.
Love those iris tiles - and have fun on your ride.


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