Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pool day

Allie after getting out of the pool, which she did not want to do
floating in her ladybug.She was very tentative in the beginning clinging to Josh for dear life but gradually relaxed
I put a bunch of zinnia seeds in the calla lily pot, which are way past their prime. Lots of zinnias though
I have several types of day lilies

this front garden will peak while I am gone with blazing stars and tiger lilies
first of the sun flowers
lily or day lily? Despite its name (leopard lily), it is an iris

Each day I knocked off one big chore to get ready for the bike trip.
Friday: Communal camping equipment spread out in 2 bags. My friend helped me with this. I never got around to putting the tent away last year. Now it is  in a bag.
Saturday: clothes.
Today: toiletry, bike equipment, repacked waterproof wallet

I have checked all my lists. Hopefully I have not forgotten anything. It is supposed to rain tonight where we are camping. Will my cousin, just 5 miles away take pity on us and let us stay with  her? We are visiting her ahead of time

Water woes. Two weeks ago, we were suddenly without water. Despite it being a holiday weekend, we got the well people to come out. Broken switch. Ten days later, same thing happened. The replaced switch was faulty and replaced again. Then yesterday, just as I needed to take a shower, no water again!!!! Do I interrupt Shanna's special weekend to go over to take a shower? Fortunately, it came back on after a half hour all by itself but since it died while the sprinkler system was on, Steve doesn't want to use that again until it is checked out thoroughly. Will my many gardens get watered while I am gone? I hope so. We do have hoses.

I asked him if he will miss me. Only in that I would be the one watering the flowers and feeding the birds.
I divided up most of the squash between the kids because he will not cook it. I showed him what vegetables should be ripe.

The condo complex where we own a condo that Naomi 'rents' (at least it is appreciating in value) has a wonderful pool, which was a 2 minute walk from my old house. Allie went swimming there yesterday with her parents, It was nice just sitting at the edge of the pool with my legs in the cool, blue water. As it was only in the 70s, no one else was at the pool.

In an hour I will leave for the big bike trip. I might be able to post photos occasionally. We wll be in campgrounds 2 of the nights which probably lack wifi.

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Elephant's Child said...

Have a wonderful time.
Posting can wait until you get back.


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