Friday, July 29, 2016

A snake in the garden

double petalled cosmos opened up Planted from seed. Rabbits ate most of the seedlings
front garden
leopard lily
yellow shrimp plant with cigar plant in background
After waiting 3 days for them to turn red, I assumed orange is their final color. These came up all my themselves
new aperitif glasses

Unless I aerate the small pond regularly, mosquitos will grow in it though this year has been so dry, I haven't seen any. I was thrilled when the two frogs showed up as they would eat any larvae and also the grandkids like them. Two nights ago, Steve found a garter snake slithering back and forth in the pond. It probably ate the smaller frog. The large frog was seen hopping away from our pond to look for a snake free environment. The snake is now gone too.

I am still recovering from the bike ride and hesitant to ride much though I did get the bike together again, a miracle in itself. We, the 4 person bicycle posse, were to get together last night for a ride near Josh's house but the threat of rain stopped that. Since my friend's bike carrier was destroyed going to the bike ride and I don't relish taking my bike apart and putting it together, I spent a lot of time installing a bike carrier I got years before but never used. Instead, we are going to have a swimming party tomorrow, more up to my low energy level.

And it's been so hot. Rain keeps missing us. We sat on the porch late last night with our mules watching heat lightning in the distance. Instead of being vertical, sharp silvery lines arced across the sky. Very beautiful. And fireflies lit up the yard in between lightning displays.

I've been busy. Lunch yesterday with my friend recovering from the stem cell transplant, a friend over last night and later this afternoon, another friend comes by. Tomorrow our pool party. Soon I will be off to the East Coast for more fun.

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Elephant's Child said...

Loving your garden.
And your low energy days put my most energetic day to shame.


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