Thursday, July 7, 2016

Bad dreams

I got this mosaic yesterday. The artist regularly shows in ArtPrize
and this too
yellow shrimp plant
red coreopsis. Also got other variety called tickweed
bee balm always reminds me of roosters
I liked the shadow the early sun made with my Edison light that Josh got me for Xmas
Last night's guest
got more quick sale tuberous begonias for around the pond This year I will save the tubers to replant next year

It is so unbearably hot and humid. And the two days of rain we were to have yesterday and today, did NOT happen though there is a weak promise of some tomorrow. Instead of riding my bike early yesterday, I took my friend, who can't drive, to the Farmer's Market and more treasure hunting at Treasure Mart. It was fun. I got too much stuff, which I spent a few hours planting this morning watering them every few hours so they might survive this blast furnace of a climate we have.  I also bought some early to ripen peaches that are especially juicy, which will be converted into some sort of dessert tomorrow for the Moms. Italian stuffed peaches? Peach compote? Peach pie? I'll think of something.

It was a bit past noon when I was finally able to bike but it was so unbearably hot. My water bottle quickly got hot so it was not much of a relief. Even though I usually go much further, the heat just drained me. I returned to find Maya here wanting to do this and that. No, too hot to go outside until early the next morning.

Today I had lunch outside with a friend. Even though we were in the shade the warm, moist air was suffocating. My grapefruit shandy beer was very tasty though.

I have the usual dreams of forgetting to put on all my clothes and find myself in public hoping not too many people notice my vajayjay hanging out. And I am perpetually in school (this time I will get it right) forgetting to show up to class until it is time for the final.

The other night I had my recurring dream why haven't I had a date in so long? Why doesn't anyone want to date me? In my dream I finally got someone with a name like Mike Smith agree to go out with me. I was so excited and we made specific plans. But he failed to show and I was heart broken and furious. For some reason, a giant cake was next to our meeting place and I carved into the frosting "Mike Smith is a dick".

I woke up all upset that no one wants to date me.

In truth, I never had any problem finding boyfriends. Finding the right boyfriend was another story

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Elephant's Child said...

Your dream life is considerably more active than I am. But then you are more active than I am.
Love that light shadow.


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