Wednesday, July 13, 2016


The frogs are back in my little pond
Shanna's kids in the UP
Maya before swimming
Maya was so thrilled to go over to Tessa's and try on princess costumes
Right before sunset, a strong storm blew through. I was trying to photograph the lightning but kept missing
All day we sweated in our sauna weather. It became wonderfully cool right before the storm but today, back to the sauna. Hope it is cooler on our bike ride.

I was out very early running in the neighborhood before the sun completely came up to bake me yesterday. A woman stopped me to ask for help. She had taken her garbage out and the door locked behind her. Worse, her husband was on a business trip. So I invited her to come to my house to get a locksmith. Not sure why she didn't knock on a neighbor's house instead of stopping a runner but maybe everyone else was gone. I never had seen her before so hopefully it wasn't a ruse to break into a house. There are about 24 houses in our small neighborhood and maybe I could identify half of the people. Not the friendliest group.

According to Zillow, our house has appreciated in value about $1000/month since we moved here. Sooner or later this has to stop. We didn't take our protest of the unfair taxation to the state as they demanded either $200 or $400 to hear our case.

My friend wanted to check out the few businesses that are around here so she came to lunch. She has such a sensitive stomach, it was a challenge to cook something for her. Walking in the heat totally drained her.

Then we had our weekly Maya day made easier by having her play with Tessa. She is a hard one to entertain. She tapped my shoulder in the middle of the night startling me as I was confused to who this small shadowy creature was. In the morning, she follows me around the garden dead heading stuff. She loves to select which cleanser I wash her face with. Do you want to smell like coconut, pomegranate, the sea or flowers? Today, flowers.

I now have beautiful peach colored nails, just what I need to ride 280 miles. And some new tiles courtesy of 'super senior day'.

Now to my cooking class.


Paula Kaye said...

What precious princesses you have!!

Elephant's Child said...

LOVE those storm clouds.
And cool weather.
Take care.


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