Friday, November 21, 2014

Winter birds

I wish the above photo were mine but it isn't. It belongs to a friend of Josh's mother-in-law.

How I miss my hummingbirds! We do have cardinals, at one point two pair but I haven't seen them lately. I have a finch feeder but no finches have found it. I need to get a squirrel proof bird feeder. I do have some impressively obese fox squirrels.The other day we had a flock of juncos..very cute fuzzy birds.

In the winter at the park near Josh's house, they encourage feeding the songbirds (versus the feeding them). The winter flock includes chickadees, downy woodpeckers, titmice and
nuthatches. They prefer walnuts to birdseed. They will literally eat out of your hands.

We did not see any unusual bird life on our Italian vacation except for the common mergansers on Lake Garda (which are NOT common in the US, the much prettier red breasted merganser is). Steve would slowly try to focus on one and then they would disappear in a  dive. He needs to shoot fast for wildlife and children. Fortunately cathedrals didn't move. Lots of swans though. One walked along the lido begging for food. They look so much bigger out of water.

For very pretty birdlife look to my friend Elephant Child in Canberra Australia. Amazing what visits her feeder.

I didn't run yesterday as it looked too slippery. I will go out today even though it's colder or I will go crazy. Then Happy Hour.

the best photo of the merganser though now I think it may be a grebe.
the merganser from Charlevoix

this guy would come right up to you

his friends stayed in the water

my friend hand feeding chickadees

turkeys wanted a hand out too but only songbirds can be fed
 As for the cold, I leave you with this quote:

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Elephant's Child said...

Thank you for the heads up. I love the punk hair do that the Merganser is sporting. Cheeky charm.


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