Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Shades of Olive and Red

Olive is for Olive Kitteridge an excellent novel I read a few years back that now has been turned into a miniseries on HBO. I've been taking a break from my various trip processing activities to watch the award worthy Frances McDormand play Olive. How much like Olive am I? How I blubbered at the end. At least I was alone.

Red is for Bologna, our least favorite stop on our trip. Many of the buildings are made from red brick or red stucco, thus the name.

I was an election day widow again yesterday. I spent the whole day not talking to a single person except maybe to ask which desk was for my ward at the voting place. I was busy, busy though. Running, editing, making a photobook that had only a 12 hour window to make it for free. Today will be the only day of warmth and dryness suitable for a bicycle ride so I am waiting for the 20 degree change in temps

I am almost done with photo editing. Here are some of Bologna I might have missed.

Me pushing one of the twin towers over..these are non-identical twins as one is twice as tall as the other

loved this light

Steve got a kick out of seeing a cigarette machine. It's been a while since these were legal

That light again

Almost every walkway is covered. Steve who is sun phobic appreciated that


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Elephant's Child said...

Great images - and that light is a stunner.


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