Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Meanwhile back into the vortex..

from Josh and Shanna's visit 10 days ago

from Monday morning

Often during my early morning runs or bike rides, I come across an elderly man slowly riding his bike. I have seen him when the temps are in the 20s. He was quite crabby in our first encounters accusing me, while I ran, of hogging the road but since has become friendly. Yesterday, he rode beside me for a while during my run.

Where were you? We (?!?) missed you.

So we talked about Italy for a while. He has been there several times and loves Rome the most even though he was pickpocketed there.

Other people I come across, an Asian man practicing tai chi in the middle of the basketball court, the elderly men's tennis league who give me words of encouragement, amahs with their charges out for fresh air... Recent strange sight, an elderly Asian man out for a stroll while wearing a face mask. I assume he is afraid of ebola but the streets are pretty empty so early. Maybe if he were on a crowded subway or in an ER waiting room I could understand the mask.

It is cold, windy and drab out which is how it will be for the next 10 days or maybe the next 6 months. Again, not my favorite time. As it is dry at least, I will run soon.

I was a Girl Scout leader for 6 years. In my mind, my former charges are cute little girls but in reality are women Shanna's age. I learned this weekend that one of my favorites is finally pregnant. She's the older sister of Josh's best friend and lets Josh stay at her house when he skis outside of Boulder, CO. I am nervous every time he skis imagining all sorts of disasters. He has at least relented to wearing a helmet.I was relieved when I learned that Julie does not ski. His former wife Julia lived in Switzerland for a few years and skiing is very much part of the culture there. But he still manages to go on ski trips. The former Girl Scout is an accomplished triathlete and trains around the clock. While Josh was there, right before the Boston Marathon that had the bombing, she would go for a 15 mile run as soon as she got up, ski 5 hours with Josh and his buddy, then go for a 2 hour bike ride. Not much room in her life for babies. I knew she was running the Boston Marathon that year and instantly thought of her when I heard about the finish line bombing. I knew that she was so speedy that she would have crossed the line an hour before but would she still be hanging around? Josh called me right away to say she was safe. I remember a time when I was the age she is now leading the troop. Another girl scout, one who had absolutely no impulse control and was quite the handful, managed to hurt her feelings somehow and my future marathoner went running home. I had to chase her. No ten year old at that time was able to outrun me despite her later accomplishments including a full ride athletic scholarship at a division 1 school.

How can you let so and so get to you? You have everything going for you, she has almost nothing..

Yep, she had about everything, brains, artistic ability, beauty, athleticism but she had a sizeable chip on her shoulder in part because her step father was the biggest jerk one could imagine. Finally her mom got rid of him. Her brother was in town to celebrate his birthday last weekend. His mom insisted he spend more time with her so Josh and Allie kept her company too. The younger brother would go on those weeklong bike rides with Josh and me. Fortunately he was quite athletic too. The mom came once and I am guessing that the father passed out the athletic genes as the ride was too difficult for the mom.

I am still dealing with the trip photos. I am putting them in albums on Facebook, which saves them in 100K thumbnails that can not be enlarged but it is an additional safety net. I have a week to make my deluxe photobook. And then the photogifts for Xmas that I've been so quick to click on.

And I must get  a handle on my much time wasted.

What's up for today? Cooking for Wellness. My fellow traveler will be there early so we can compare notes.

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Elephant's Child said...

LOVE those happy smiling faces.
And cringe when I think just how often I give other people power over how I feel...


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