Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ram rampage

It broke the storm door and the lock to the main door. Then tried to get in by butting the garage..

Then as it was heading to butt the large picture window, they had to shoot it
As one of my Facebook friends and family were finishing up their Thanksgiving dinner, they heard a loud crash followed by repeated banging against their door. The ram already broke the lock so two grown men had to press against the door so the ram couldn't get into the house. Then the ram gave up and started butting the garage. As it was about to charge their picture window, my friend's husband had to shoot it. This happened about 15 miles from here. We worked for years with my friend's father.

The ram had broken through the fence down the road. It was hellbent on entering their house. Was it mating season? It is for deer. So much for sweet sheep.

I guess this is just another hazard of living in the country, sheep attacks.

We took a drive yesterday to check out the feasibility of the surrounding roads of the potential home as running and biking paths. The biking should be good as it is near one of the paths I took last summer, near the nursery where they are so excited , they wet their plants. About 3-4 miles away, the yak farm. Another 3 miles away, the apple orchard that I took Tessa to almost 2 months ago. If there would be no snow or ice, running should be especially good. The Scenic Beauty Road will now be south of us rather than north and much closer.. I hadn't been on the section near the house before. Very pretty, lots of trees and partially hidden behind those trees, enormous mansions. There also is a large park with trails nearby that I hadn't heard of before.

But there will be no walking to stores. It will be a considerable drive to any businesses aside from nurseries (plenty of those). Is this what we want?

Still pondering.

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Elephant's Child said...

What bizarre behaviour from that poor ram.
I don't think I would like having to drive to the store always. Good luck with this difficult decision.


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