Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ice, ice,

Niagara Falls last December.  Who visits it in the winter? Um..we did. We  (I) went for ice wine tastings. A month later, no liquid water could be found. Thanks Polar Vortex
Charlevoix, late April 2014. Lots of ice

Does this have anything to do with ice? Alliums last spring
The airport has been shut down for several hours due to everything being coated with ice. As soon as one layer is cleared, another layer forms. Lots of accidents but as it is a Saturday, no one I know needs to go out though Naomi is going to the UM football game later. By then, all should be melted to be followed by a week of relative warmth. Maybe I can ride my bike again?

I found an ice free path (not in my neighborhood!) to run yesterday. I don't mind the cold as long as I have a dry surface to run on.

I did go out for Happy Hour yesterday with my friend slogging through traffic and construction sites. Usually winter is at least free of projects but not this year. Tasty calamari and winter ale, yum. And nice to have company that is not Steve though Naomi chose to spend last evening with us.

Silliest commercial ever: One for a hepatitis C medication which implies that once treated, one will not have to hide ones razor again lest some guest be tempted to use it and catch your disease. And there is even a disclaimer about the chances of getting hep C from an infected person's razor is remote. What's even more remote? Someone borrowing a razor.

Update: every once in a while, google takes one of my photos to enhance. This is what they did to my Charlevoix ice photo. Most of the time they make them look better but not this time.


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Elephant's Child said...

Google made your photo look more dramatic - but no, not better. Their version wouldn't be out of place in a spy thriller.
Love those ice shots. They are cooling me down as we launch into another hot day. Thank you.


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