Sunday, November 9, 2014

The meaning of private

When we first returned, the leaves were in their glory. This is our Norway maple but last weekend, our first hard frost and all is drab now

our burning bush and one of many scraggly yews

lots of all dead
Privacy is a difficult concept for preschoolers to grasp. Why wouldn't you want company while you used the bathroom? They hear the word a lot. I want need privacy..that's private.

Daniel loves hair. For his first several years, twirling his fingers into Shanna's hair was a great source of comfort as he fell asleep. Now Tessa's silky locks seem irresistible to him. She doesn't like him to touch her hair as it often leads to pulling her hair.

Stop that Daniel..That's private!!!!! she recently shouted.

So she needed a little talk about what was private. No one wanted her to report to all that Daniel touches her private parts when she means hair. She is 2.5.

Shanna and I were discussing private versus public schools the other day. Daniel's ears perk up at the sound of 'private'.

Private schools...does that mean they show privates?

He was trying to form a picture. Another lecture ensued. A confusing word and world. He is a very clever little boy curious about what each unfamiliar word means. Consequently he has quite the vocabulary. He is 5.

A missed photo opportunity...the glorious bright orange world early morning in the very low sun. Everything dazzled. When I left, only the little trees had changed colors but when I came back, the mature trees had and our neighborhood is full of big trees particularly the stand of sugar maples in Sugarbush Park. I did take a photo of our Norway (misdiagnosed by experts as a sugar maple but sugar maples have red leaves). But the temps nosedived into the teens last weekend and the Norway lost its leaves in a day. Usually this means hours of raking but we tried (I am using the plural very liberally here) just using the mulcher mower on them. Problem solved. The only color left is some resistant petunias. My cosmos and cleome just ugly wilted stalks. On my first early morning run, a buck with antlers crossed my path just a half mile away from my house. Usually I only see does and young deer. On a bike ride in the middle of the day, a doe stopped in front of me and stared me down. Suddenly two maltese came tearing out of their house barking furiously. Combined weight, 15 lbs. They chased the doe into the woods. The drab November that I dreaded is now upon us. Days are shorter and shorter. Today is my usual biking days as the roads have less traffic but it is so cold..

Gradually I am readjusting to the world that is not Italy. I've been running a lot, seeing grandbabies, helping Naomi go forward. I bought a new phone and a bedazzled case to go with my newly bedazzled nails. I haven't used the allegedly superior camera on it yet other than to snap a few photos of Allie the other night at dinner. I keep very busy and have a full to-do list so not much time to feel sorry for myself (or really, no reason to). We did have a nice Moms meeting out in the country (though only 2 of us now live within a city). Our hosting mom creates elaborate table displays (another missed photo opportunity), this time favoring fall colors so my orange spritzi I made and my orange goodie bags of Italian souvenirs matched. Alas my liter of Aperol is almost gone. There are some small Italian communities in Michigan. I will try their stores for a replacement. But the Moms group went well into the next day, a fun time. I needed a rare midday nap the next day.

One task not revisited is the dreaded house hunting. I cringe when someone mentions it. Steve has been otherwise occupied.
Google plus selects photos of mine that it deems 'awesome' then enhances them. Of all my trip photos, only 2 made the cut, this and a blurry photo of  Silician tomatoes. Not sure how they select them


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Elephant's Child said...

Loved the vibrance of the autumnal colour - though I also love the bare-branched elegance of deciduous trees in winter.
Fascinated by children's definition and understanding of privacy...
And househunting? Just the phrase made my heart sink. Good luck.


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