Monday, April 7, 2014

Yellow bird

One of five solar lit birds which will go on my patio when I have time and  when it isn't raining In other words, not any time soon
We went to IKEA presumably just to pickup a cheap step stool so I  don't have to lift kids up for them to wash their hands but along with the stool, I ending up buying the above lights, even more lights (red flowers...pretty!), a poster frame for Shanna (annoyingly in metric sizes for a poster measured in inches..needed some trimming), leek cheddar pies, pretty Easter eggs, a light sensitive night light, fancy napkins.. This is how a $4 purchase quickly turns into $60. I did a similar uncontrolled spending binge today at Costco.

Before IKEA, an Indian buffet (Shanna's area is home to many Indian-Americans; 3 restaurants in  less than a half mile), before that, a run in what is now truly spring. I should have taken the bike out too but part of my path still has huge piles of snow on it in parts. A visit to Shanna's and then finishing up viewing House of Cards with my friends. Orange is the New Black should start soon. A near death  experience with a deer (the deer's, not mine though he was really big) and another restless night cut short by us needing to be at Josh's bright and early to watch Allie. The daycare is closed all week though we won't need to be there every day.

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