Thursday, April 17, 2014

Is your son lactating?

Again, photo has nothing to do with my subject. Fresh out of boys lactating though I suppose I could have found some of boys with gynecomastia (man breasts) on the internet. Allie is all dressed up here for her school's pictured day.
Smiles all day but then she refused to smile for the scary photographer

Here her legs look more in proportion. Photography 101: get down to the level of your subject or you will have heads that look way too large
Is your son lactating?(ambulance chaser ad for suing drug company that makes the drug that calms boys but can lead to temporary man breasts)

Could selfies be spreading head lice?!!!(Current teaser for local TV news show..I assume they mean selfies that have another person in them)

The deodorant that lasts seven days!(This is for Mum's, a deodorant popular in the late 50s. How many people put this stuff to the test?)

Shampoo that is completely vegan and gluten-free! (this is on my huge Costco shampoo bottle: it is also sulfate free which presumably makes it less likely to strip my hair color. My hair now feels soft for much less money. Not convenient for travel though. I don't intend to eat it however)

The average person spends more than 15 minutes a day hunting for lost objects! (this nugget is from last Tuesday's WSJ science page. I don't believe it though phones and keys are the items most sought.

I had more crazy claims in mind but can't think of them now off hand.

Steve has a theory that if you wait long enough, things will heal themselves. Well it came true today for Blogger using Chrome. For two months, I couldn't use it (had to use less useful IE). Today I can. Yay! I see Microsoft sent all sorts of updates overnight so a fix must have been contained.

My last Y class for a while and then a visit to a friend.

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