Saturday, April 5, 2014

Homemade Rainbow Cookies

I am the dessert lady for our Moms group. How hard could rainbow cookies be to make? Most recipes rated them as 'intermediate' difficulty. Most of the recipes had very little variation from each other. Do I put almond extract in to make sure they are extra almondy? Yes. Some say use only apricot jam (sieved..not doing that) between the layers; others say just raspberry jam (seedless!!!). Others say raspberry for one layer, apricot for the other. As it turned out, I was fresh out of raspberry jam so lingonberry would have to do (yeah I shop at IKEA). I mostly followed Lidia's recipe, who makes Italian-American treats accessible.

It is a good thing I have an industrial strength mixer a this would be impossible to make otherwise. The dough is very thick and impossible to spread in three, even and equal layers especially as I was running out of time. Once the layers are assembled, you are supposed to weigh them down under saran wrap for a minimum of 4 hours, which I didn't have as most of my morning was devoted to child care. The cookies in the bakery have a sponge cake texture. Mine were initially like crunchy cookies, very disappointing, but after waiting another 4 hours to serve them, they had enough time to soak up the jelly and become cake like. They did taste like they were supposed to, so yay for that! Josh criticized the amount of chocolate I used, he especially hates dark chocolate. I should have had a thinner coat of it I guess.

Moms group was fun as usual..lots of good talks and wine.
This morning Josh asked us to go to a financial planner with him to help evaluate all their products. They want the best way to have a college account for Allie. I am not a fan of sales people.

Some flowers are finally out..snowdrops and some crocuses (croci?)

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