Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Peepers

Vertical garden in Madrid
It used to be the first robin was a sign of spring. Now they stay here year round though I bet this winter was tough on them. Vultures are a sign of spring now. They flew in last week. Twenty years ago, I hardly ever saw any but now they are every where. Maybe they are tied to the deer population.

But peepers are the sign I heard today. There are a lot of wetlands in our neighborhood and beyond. Today the peepers were out in full force. I love the sound. I have yet to see the little frogs.

A teeth day for us. Due to a lack of dental insurance, Naomi went without dental care for almost 4 years. It has been a long, slow process getting things done at the dental school. Four hours today with more to come. And then it was my turn though at a real dentist. I alternate between 2 hygienists; one who tells me what a great job I am doing and the other, what a bad job I do. I had Ms. Bad Job today. But it couldn't have been that bad of a job as I have no cavities.

It's been a month since I've been able to post or edit my blog using Chrome. I have sent notes to their 'help' people who never respond. Ironically, every time I open blogger up in IE, I get all sorts of messages how this is the wrong browser, don't use it but it works.

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