Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I married a knuckle cracker

In 1985
Or more correctly, a man who became a knuckle cracker. Presumably this condition occurs when little bubbles develop in the joints. This is more likely to occur in flexible joints (thus I should be spared). The average time to develop a new bubble after cracking? 30 minutes. Well in Steve's case, it is more like 5 minutes and it is in both thumbs so every 2 minutes or so, crack, crack, crack...

Could you please stop that?!!!

He can't believe it bothers me and I suppose it shouldn't, but it does. Marriage is full of all sorts of little compromises. I guess he puts up with my half finished projects all over the place without complaining (too much) and lots more.

Every morning fresh coffee is delivered to me while I am on the computer, my laundry is done, my finances are taken care of, my birthdays and anniversaries are never forgotten. He rubs my back at night and crazily seems to adore me.

I shouldn't complain.

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