Monday, April 21, 2014

Aww...Google remembered it was my birthday

This is the page I opened up to this morning. Maybe because it is Queen Elizabeth's birthday?Nope because it is mine
How does Google know it's my birthday? I don't recall ever filling anything out for them. I guess they could read Facebook.

How to celebrate my diminishing time left on earth? I received an adorable duet or maybe a trio of little ones singing Happy Birthday on my voice mail. Well tomorrow, a mini-vacay and today we went out two times. I have been diligently running and biking but sadly I can eat even faster. But it was nice eating downtown out on the sidewalk watching the people go by.

More and more flowers are popping up; the peepers are still peeping. Even Steve can here them from the nearby woods. A night on a deck listening to the soft sounds of spring and the wind chimes while sipping wine.

A nice Easter.

Ms. Allie and us

One (!!!!!) of my birthday desserts. Grilled orange pound cake with nutella mousse covered in fruit. Yeah I needed that
While we were browsing in some downtown stores, one of my favorite songs was playing Closed related, his song containing the lyrics

Suzanne the plans they made put an end to you.

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