Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wet ear wax and bad B. O........danger!!

Recently Japanese researchers linked a gene that was expressed in the affected individual having excessive 'wet' ear wax and extra smelly apocrine glands with increased breast cancer risk. That's a new one. Now I know that mammary glands are just 'modified sweat glands' and it's not a stretch to imagine that if there are faulty cells in one, there could be faulty cells in the other but the ear wax glands seem far removed. I noticed right after surgery, my sweat glands seemed especially funky despite my best and constant attempts to keep clean and deodorized, and I wondered if they too were cancerous. But not long after chemo began, these sweat glands were killed and they have not come back. I don't think I've had 'excessive' ear wax but during chemo, I produced absolutely none. Of course my oil glands shut down too (along with my hair follicles). The ear wax has not come back either. TMI indeed!

So last night I had dinner with the kids. I have seen Naomi only once and only for a few minutes at that since I returned from Italy. If she isn't going to school, she is working. Even though she has been seeing Dontae for allegedly 9 months and now she is living with him, I've only seen him a few times and Naomi always found it necessary to give me a list of what I can't say before seeing him. It was hard to find a night that they both were free but last night was the night.At the last minute, I received a request to meet them at Red Lobster. Red Lobster..hmmm. When she openned up the menu, she was surprised to find out that this was a SEAFOOD place and she hates SEAFOOD. But I do like calamari, that's seafood right? Yep, but it's not on the menu. I also don't translate exactly what calamari actually is. She stopped eating lox when she found out it was salmon. Do you think I'll like lobster? Nope. (That was a lie, I gave her some in the past and she loved it) She settled on a scallop, shrimp and chicken combo. I figured if she didn't like the scallops, I would take them but she loved them. Dontae, bless him, ordered popcorn shrimp. Everyone was on their best behavior. At one point she asked if Dad or I were working yet amusingly showing a little disdain for the idle now that she is herself working. I told her technically that Dad was. Really? How much money is he getting? Well nothing. He is promoting his ex-boss's company in Beijing and doesn't get paid unless he generates business for them.

Dontae was quiet and polite. He smiled a lot. I did most of the talking and the questionning with surprisingly little dagger looks from a certain someone. She made a big show of hugging me as if she wasn't going to see me again.

Indian summer is over. Last night as I was standing on the cheap side of town getting gas (always 15-20 cents more/gallon near my house), the wind suddenly picked up to 30 mph gusts and the temperature dropped. My run today will be difficult.

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Sara Williams said...

Bless you Sue, your meal out sounded nice though but I hate sea food, it makes me feel ill on account of the fact that when I was little, everytime we ate fish he would point to our goldfish Spot and tell me in great detail that it was Spot I was eating. He also did the same thing with eggs so now I can only eat hard boiled eggs. I can just about manage poached but they have to be well poached..... brothers!!!!!


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