Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thump in the night

About 4 am, I heard a loud thump. I just assumed my house guest must have knocked something over but early in the morning, Steve found poor Spud, the pug at the bottom of the stairs. He will be 14 years in a few months and is not ageing gracefully. Thankfully his tumble didn't hurt him too much as he was able to walk when he was taken outside. He never yelped or made any sound.

We have can full of money from our travels. Last night I was sorting the euros from the pound notes from the Canadian currency. Thrown in for fun are Disney dollars. The paper currency was easy but distinguishing the various coins gave these old eyes some trouble. Need Naomi's eyes. Most of the coinage was UK currency. Each pound coin had a different picture on back and is smaller than our quarter. Both Canadian coins and UK money have Queen Elizabeth on it making it harder to tell right away what I was dealing with. There were some Mexican and Carribean coins thrown into the mix too. But I have enough euros to get us started. Should have traded in my pounds with my UK visitors last week.

Some parts of Ann Arbor had its first frost last night but it looks like we were spared. We brought in some of the baskets. Yeah, they are all going to be dead at some point but I want to have flowers as long as possible.

Naomi had been stopping in every day since her big move but then not even a call for 3 days. She did finally show up yesterday between classes. I've been slowly fixing her room up. She called last night wanting me to come and fix their toilet. Sorry, no can do.

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