Friday, October 2, 2009

LiveStrong Day

LiveStrong is the foundation started by Lance Armstrong who felt there was a need to help cancer patients post-treatment regain strength through exercise. What I didn't realize was that the Ann Arbor YMCA is one of only ten programs they have at the Ys. Last year Naomi's basketball team decided to hold a fundraiser for it, which meant a lot to me. Today they invited all the past participants and future ones to come in for breakfast, a group walk, and some balance and flexibility training. I did my weights during the walk. So it was nice catching up with some of the people I know even though some of the news was not good-evil cancer. I also made some new friends and stayed behind for an hour with one and her husband comparing notes. A new friend!

Old friends: My lab buddy came to town yesterday and we spent the afternoon together. We worked in 4 person labs so we'd be with 3 other people 40 hours a week, which is longer than what some people spend with their spouses. Obviously, you get to know these people well unless they were completely unsocial (sadly common among scientists). I've learned alot about different cultures due to the international mix we had at work. It was fun catching up with him.

Steve had a meeting with his old boss who wants him to drum up business for his Chinese company for a commission. Steve is not the salesman type but at least he speaks English, which would be a plus. We aren't really enthusiastic about jumping back into the workforce but are open to short term assignments.

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