Monday, October 5, 2009

Sweating the small stuff..

If you read about what people have learned from their cancer experience, the number one lesson seems to be not sweating the small stuff (number two: we are mortal). When faced with a deadly disease, somehow ones disappearing 401K just doesn't seem as important anymore. However, I am a slow learner and still little things still gnaw at my mind. But today, one less thing: UM finally told me that my insurance dispute is between the insurance company and them. I do not have to file a second appeal and I won't be sent any more bills with promises of a collection agency, etc. Of course they did not call me up with this info, I had to call yet again.

My new friend and I were discussing the other day how haphazardly info is given to the patient at UM. What they need is a patient navigator as they have at many cancer centers. I am a very assertive person and well educated but I felt lost several times what my next step should be. I imagine most people feel lost.The social worker that runs the support system at the UM cancer center has just left. Hopefully the new one, if indeed she has been replaced, is more proactive. If we had a patient navigator, this whole insurance issue could have been addressed correctly right away.

Now every time I turn on the TV, there is something Italian. I turn on the TV to find "Tea with Mussolini". To practice, I didn't read the subtitles and I seemed to understand. Then my favorite show "Mad Men" featured a trip to Rome.

I ran close to 7 miles today in nice running conditions. It will probably be difficult to run on the cliff side trails in Cinque Terre. My internet access also will be limited so not much will appear for a while on this blog after I leave for Milano this Thursday.

Shanna reports that Daniel is almost 12 lb. which puts him in the 75%tile for his age. If he weren't a preemie, he would have been in the 99+%tile. Lengthwise, not so high. So he is short and round and his brother is tall and skinny. These things change quickly however.

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