Sunday, October 4, 2009


Waterloo State Recreation Area is a hilly area about 20 miles west of here. It is very scenic and there are not many cars going through it. My friend and I biked 28.6 miles through it today with the weather cycling between sunny and rainy several times. Note to self: don't expect cotton to keep you warm when wet; I should have known better. We went out into the wind so it would be somewhat easier returning. About a quarter of our path was dirt roads though fortunately hard packed clay ones that weren't too bumpy but it was scary at one point going down an unpaved steep hill. The lake that is usually filled with sandhill cranes in the fall(my reason for choosing this path) had no cranes. They come there only to roost at night. Anyrate, I am finding it difficult hauling my increased weight (over 4 years ago when I biked more regularly)up steep hills but I got a workout. We stopped at a cider mill, very crowded, on the way back which had wine tasting (Sandhill winery). I had an attractive streak of mud up my back. About 10 years ago, a different friend and I came across a winery in the middle of a ride. Suffice it to say, riding and drinking don't mix.

I'm slowly getting ready to go to Italy buying this and that. Naomi is in unpaid training for her job, which seems to make her extra grumpy. She finally called in a good mood today as she aced her recent chemistry test. Usually she just bites my head off. I don't know how to teach her to control her considerable anger. She has a very very low tolerance for frustration. I try to talk as quietly a possible to her and try to reward the few times she displays reasonable behavior. Maybe there is a gene for rage, my father exhibited very similar behavior and there was no controlling him.

My body is still cold from being out in the cold, windy rain for 4 hours. I need some tea.

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