Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pictures of the Cinque Terre and Levanto

Vernazza as we edged towards it in the final leg of our hike

Riomaggiore-where we began our hike

Tunnel in the Via Dell'amore

Our first view of Vernazza with Teri on the path. I was so glad to see it as this path was making me very nervous

Welcome to Corniglia, town 3. All you need to do is climb 367 steps up...

All along the route in the Cinque Terre are terraces of vineyards. It is said that all the stones for these many terraces add up to more than the rocks used to make the great wall of China

Typical scene as we walked between Manarola and Corniglia

Corniglia from our lunch place


Check out those white creatures on Teri's lunch

Pasta we ate up in a tower over looking the beach in Vernazza

Anchovies in Vernazza

Vernazza late in the day

Riomaggiore early in the day

Teri against one of the murals in Riomaggiore

Teri in Levanto. This we visited the day before but I wanted to keep the Bonassola pictures separated.


Teri in a tunnel on La Via d'Amore-the easy leg between Riomaggiore and Manarola. We did this first heading north.

The balcony from our Vernazza restaurant at sunset

Levanto scene

The very start of our hike. We did 3 of the 4 legs taking maybe 4 hours total not including our many stops in the towns

The staircase from the sea to Corniglia-allegedly 367 steps but Teri counted less. We bought beautiful watercolors from an artists on the way up

Riomaggiore in the morning

More Riomaggiore

You can see our path if you look closelyor click on this to make it bigger. This was on the 2nd leg from Manarola to Corniglia. Although steep in parts, there was usually a handrail and the path was wide so I didn't feel threatened.

Now here the path is wide but sometimes it would be less than half of this with a really long way down on the left

Stripped church in Monterosso. A lot of the local rocks around here are made of marble. Vernazza is full of black marble. The Carrara marble works are probably only 20 miles away.

Manarola from our boat. For better colors, it would have been better to take the boat in the late evening rather than the morning.

Riomaggiore from the boat

Manarola from the village

Teri and I eatting our lunch at an enotech in Corniglia, the smallest of the villages and less visited. In the spring, there would be wisteria blossoms dripping from the roof here.

Graffiti in the tunnel of the Via d'Amore

The owner of our Corniglia wine bar

Corniglia from afar. We are teetering on the edge of the path hoping for the best.

Corniglia from the boat. It didn't stop there as the town does not have an official port.

As we were leaving Corniglia, which is high up to begin with. Up, up, up.......

Restaurants overlooking the beach late in the day in Vernazza. Ours has the red awnings. It was hard to find the magic staircase to get up there.

My dinner in Vernazza-a mix of squid and prawns. Heads are kept on here in Italy

Teri on the suspension bridge between Manarola and Corniglia. Don't look down...


Looking down into the bay in Riomaggiore.

Our Vernazza restaurant again looking straight up from the beach

Vernazza at night
It would have been nice if I had these in the correct order. I will still add more when I receive Teri's pictures. So we were staying in a town north of the Cinque Terre called Bonassola (which I think means beautiful island in Catalan). Last Thursday morning (Oct 15) we took a train 2 towns south to Monterosso, the fartherest north town of the Cinque Terre. After a breakfast in Monterosso (sorry Esther, a slice of bread doesn't cut it with this chow hound), we took a boat to the southernmost town of the Cinque Terre, Riomaggiore and began our hike. Lots of Americans do this hike-we hadn't run into any before coming to the Cinque Terre but it was fun comparing notes with them and we'd meet up with certain groups of them as the day progressed. We went from Riomaggiore to Manarola to Corniglia to Vernazza. We could have done the last leg to Monterosso but it was allegedly more treacherous than the other legs. The last leg we did was scary enough, thank you very much.

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