Friday, October 30, 2009

Chemobrain study, part 3

Today I completed the chemobrain study. While stuffed in a throbbing, narrow tube to the dulcet sounds of a jackhammer, I performed recognition tasks while my brain activity was being monitored by a fMRI. Not for the claustrophobic! I did the same before chemo, right after chemo, and now a year later from the time I was going to begin chemo. Staring at a screen for so long gave me a headache but there was a plus, I got to see my brain. The technician was quite chatty and of course, I ask a lot of questions. No brain tumors and no signs of Alzheimer's. In fact I appear to have a brain of a young individual. How old do you think I am? Um..60?
WRONG ANSWER. Oh I'm really, really bad at guessing ages. Well I hope he's right about my young brain.

Must dye hair ASAP.

When I agreed to do this last year, I made them promise to share my results with me. They will set up an appointment in a few months. I don't really think that I have a severe case of chemobrain as I still can do puzzles quickly etc. but I do have a problem with remembering names for things in a timely manner. (I will remember the name only it might take a week before me to recall it). The slogan for the Glacier Express (private train in Switzerland that is very scenic) is the "World's slowest express train" I wracked my brain for the name of this literary device. "Jumbo shrimp" and my favorite as it was my motto in high school where I was sometimes the only gentile and/or female in some of my advanced classes "Smart Shiksa" are some other examples. Teri about 3 days later was saying something about needing some Oxyclean and Eureka!!!Oxymoron came to mind. And BTW, I did have a tube of Oxyclean.

According to the weather map, this wet mass has stalled over the midwest. Rain, rain, rain. Before my brain study, I decided to lift weights instead.

On my busy social calendar, I am taking Naomi and her boyfriend out to dinner tonight. I am sure she's on edge worrying about what 'stupid' things that might flow out of my mouth. Oh it's so hard to have an embarassing mom!

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