Thursday, July 27, 2017

Winner, winner, chicken dinner

Maya is in behavioral therapy for her ADHD. A lot of time is spent teaching the mom strategies while I watch Maya
glass temple in Taiwan. My niece is visiting her mother's relatives
flowers here

shrimp plant

finally can ride a 2 wheeler

For two days on the ride, I got an annoying number of phone calls from an unfamiliar number. Unless the number is identified, I don't answer as it usually is some scam to tell me I won a trip around the world, all I need to do is send them.....
But I noticed messages were left and opened one.. with the winner, winner, chicken dinner message.
I had won some drawing on the ride for a bicycle themed key chain as it turned out.

I am gradually getting back to my routine. Bought some heavier weights so that I may more effectively tone those arms. Needed some smaller pants (size 6, woo-hoo!). I put away all of my camping supply (ha, I never did last year). Spent much time with Maya as her mom did this and that (you don't have much to do). I now have burnt orange shiny nails.

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Elephant's Child said...

Loving your colourful garden.
And how nice to get a call about winning which is genuine.


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