Sunday, July 30, 2017

Rocky Raccoon Redux

I opened the blinds this morning to this. Even though I was only a few feet away, I could not get him to move so I went outside to confront him after I took this photo. He finally dropped down into the hydrangeas. This explains how fast my suet cakes go even though the piggish blackbirds have moved on. New job: bringing this in at night. He is cute. As he is not full sized, I guess he is a teenager
this is what I missed up north. I would have had to be up at 2 am. Mackinaw City is about 120 miles north but some northern lights were seen south of us around Ludington
I had Shanna's kids last night. They love their tablets

She is so sweet. The easiest grandbaby by far.
Inside a Taiwanese Buddhist temple. My niece has been taking great photos
Josh's family had a photoshoot. These are the sneak previews
I took my buddy out for his birthday a couple days before. Usually the Amtrak comes rumbling by at least twice. A cheap thrill

Yesterday morning would have been a perfect day for a bike ride (as would today but now, no bike). I was starting on the flats with a wind on my back. I should be easily going 16, 17 mph but it is an effort to go 12 mph. Why am I suddenly so weak? Squishy tire. I go back 2 miles to pump it up. It seems to inflate just fine so maybe just a slow leak. I warn Steve I might be calling if it goes completely flat far from home though I manage a route that is never much more than 6 miles away, the most I could stand walking if need be. I got at least 20 miles in of nicely inflated tires but had to struggle to do the last 4-5 miles.  Back to the bike store which I go to far too often. Not only did I need another intertube, the rear tire is quite worn and they didn't have the one I want in stock so I will have to retrieve the bike in a few days.

All this promised rain evaporated before hitting our house though my friend and I had to abandon our nice patio seating due to rain the other day. Dry as a bone back at the ranch 6 miles away. Hopefully this will slow the grass growing. The lawn mower died in the middle of Steve cutting it the other day. This thing is a bear to push. A neighbor took pity and came over to help push. Fortunately it didn't die in the back acre. The lawn mower guy suggested jumping the battery with the car. Steve too nervous to do it without Josh's help. The lawn mower guy came, jumped it and it caught on fire!

Several new parts later, it came back yesterday. Hopefully it works. We did get the dryer fixed. Now if we only got the disposal and some electrical issues worked out... Wish at least one of us were handy.

We had the Mom's group out in the country surrounded by flowers, a garden party. Fun as usual though due to time constraints, I was not too creative with my dessert. Got several flavors of ice cream, some dulce de leche and some macerated strawberries in chestnut liqueur for sundaes. Good for a garden party.

Shanna and Ramy went to a wedding far away so we had the kids for most of the day and night. Should have let them use the hot tub. It was a nice evening for a picnic outside. Daniel and Tessa sat with me for a long time in the cabana while I sipped my tangerine beer. What does Tessa want to do when she grows up? She wants to be a face painter.

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Rocky is super cute.
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