Friday, November 11, 2016

The New Dawn

Sunrise yesterday. I couldn't recreate the beautiful colors my eye saw
I still have plenty of mums
Looking southeast. Our house is at a 45 degree angle facing northwest. Steve mowed the lawn for the last time trying to grind up all the maple leaves

Already there are reports of angry white men shouting at possible immigrants go back where you came from. Some kids in Michigan (yes Michigan; not down south somewhere) are shouting Build a wall; build the wall. Some blocked minorities from entering the schools. Meanness and intolerance now prevails.

Three of my precious grandbabies have Arab last names. In the minds (small as they may be) of the Trumpkins,  Arab=Muslim=Terrorist, no matter if they were baptized Christian. My only grandbaby without an Arab or Jewish last name is African-American. What does the future hold for her?

Trump is what he is. He did nothing to hide his true nature. He won with empty and vague promises appealing to his people: It's Not your fault; It's Their fault!

Shades of Hitler.

I get so angry when I find out that someone who really, really should know better voted for Trump. 33% of Hispanics voted for him which I find unbelievable. Did they actually listen to him? A spouse whose wife is way over the former max of medical deductions votes for Trump because he doesn't think a woman can handle the job. Meanwhile, if the ACA is repealed, his wife will be out of health insurance. I don't think I can look this person in the eye. I used to like him.

Meanwhile back to non-travelling mode. I've been cleaning the house, making a mirror wall, expanding the playroom with more rubberized tiles, running, biking (just a little as it is so windy). I am trying still to lose the weight. Despite all my activity in NYC, I only lost a half pound but now it is starting to come off again. I did go to my cooking for survivors class the other night with an emphasis on non-meat protein. Stuffed acorn squash with tempeh and cheese; garbanzo bean soup with apricots and quinoa, a lentil salad with ginger and almonds. So at least I eat healthy for one night a month. Yep I have to incorporate these recipes into my daily diet. For now, I have increased the fruit and vegetables, eliminated desserts and most starches and of course avoid alcohol. It has been almost 12 days since my binge in Saugatuck. I hope to be finished with this by spring.


Elephant's Child said...

I wonder what the result would have been if voting was compulsory?
And yes, the world is watching. Anxiously.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

The soups sound wonderful. I like making my own, using a recipe, but cutting down on the calories and sodium by using substitutes. Fall and winter are wonderful times to fill up the home with wonderful aromas of good, healthy and hardy foods.

I cry for all the people who are going to be directly affected by the rath of Trump. Lord help us all.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

My two favorite soups probably have too much fat: matzoh ball soup and mushroom barley.

I do think the results would have been different if voting were compulsory or at least if there was a day off for elections. I think many of the working poor could not get to their polling places. As it was, about half of the eligible voters did not show up. Perhaps they didn't like either candidate, a very common sentiment, but honestly they had to dislike one more than the other.

Compulsory voting never will happen here. I am surprised Australia has it.


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