Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Investing during Trump times

new art doll with porcelain head, feet and hands with silk body. I thought it looked cool
what is this mess? new scarf
stained glass angels

Last night we went to a 'customer appreciation' dinner by invitation of our financial advisor. I was nervous about this because it could be a boring sales pitch and in the past, they have offered many temptations that I couldn't resist such as creative appetizers, etc. However, it turned out OK as the food was just so-so and, small world phenomena,  one of the Moms, unbeknownst to either of us, uses the same advisor so she and her husband sat with us. Years ago, she was my roommate when we were having our first babies. At one point, we were going to the same elementary school though I am 3 years older so she escaped my notice. Our best friends happened to be sisters though.
Should we worry about our investments because of Trump? Not so much. Though initially the market was depressed, it has rebounded with a bang so not to worry here. How about foreign markets? Well there could be great opportunities there but with much greater risk. There won't be any immediate big changes to the economy in part, because Trump needs congress to change things. There is a few things he can do unilaterally that will make big impacts like to the environment, immigration, etc but the tax code and health care he will need support.

Today we had a follow-up meeting with the pediatrician about Maya's ADHD. The special ed teacher wrote a letter saying that the staff has noticed  positive changes in her attention span since she began the drugs.. However, Maya has lost weight which is not good as she is so slim. So her dose will not be increased.

One last week of Indian summer befor a hug cold front hits us Saturday. Trying to bike as much as possible this week.


Elephant's Child said...

The art doll made me think of Modigliani's work.
On the Trump front - wait and see. The world will have to wait and see.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

After four years of Trump, we may all look like that doll. Our heads will shrink from the sheer anxiety of this administration.


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