Monday, November 7, 2016

The parrots of Greenwood

Our last day in Brooklyn. I wanted to look at the monk parrots again so we went back to Greenwood cemetery  Alas they were not roosting but we did see red headed woodpeckers. Too high up for photos.  Lots of unusual warblers there too. Note very beautiful Japanese maples in full bloom. So pretty there with the fall colors, hills, ponds and statues. so was I a pig in the food capital of the US?  No alcohol all week but today I had spumoni at Spumoni Gardens. At least it was low fat. also a trip to our favorite Italian bakery to buy stuff for the kids. We had perfect weather and I ran quite a bit, today up Ocean Parkway. We are leaving very early to escape Manhattan traffic. Not looking forward to the 11 hour drive
Persimmon tree next door.  who knew persimmons grew in NY
A few monk parakeets aka Quaker parrots roosting in the entrance towers. Why can they survive the cold winters? They build huge communal nests, some as big as a car to keep the flock warm. They also chose to put these nests on electrical transformers for added warmth. Those birds have since been destroyed. They originally lived in Argentina where they are agricultural pests. A few imported as pets escaped. Presumably pet monks can be taught an extensive vocabulary.

tower of parrots. There are none in Michigan but some live in the Hyde Park section of Chicago
The trolley is used for tours. In the 19th century, this cemetery was second to Niagara Falls for tourists

the entrance gate. If you enlarge the photo, you can see the parrot nests on the tallest tower

there is a heron there

This Japanese maple was my favorite tree

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Elephant's Child said...

Some glorious colours.
The monk parakeets are very pretty too.


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