Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving food police

I harvested 3 of the 8 Brussels sprouts stalks I've been growing. The stalk was thicker than a corn cob and much tougher. Very hard to saw through. I cut off the sprouts off of half of these taking 90 minutes and decided I had enough especially after slicing my finger. I thought they were quite tasty sautéed in garlic and bacon glazed with balsamic vinegar and brown sugar but only half were eaten. On the other hand, the boring green bean casserole with canned soup and crunchy onions disappeared.
today I've been decorating X-mas trees. I finished this one with metallic ornaments and pink. Looks good in my yellow flower room
with lights

For Thanksgiving this year, all I was responsible for were side dishes as Shanna did most of the work hosting 30+ people at her house. Naomi came over the night before to prepare ambrosia and candied yams. The yams were a hit, particularly the crusty marshmallow top that seemed to go missing immediately. I assumed one of the kids skimmed this off.

Before the food police arrived, I was able to consume some very tasty Syrian meat pies containing pomegranate seeds without comment (excepting one of Ramy's cousins was keeping count). I was going to limit myself to one drink. After all it was Thanksgiving. I chose some Rumchata on ice. By this time, the food police arrived telling me that this was NOT a good choice (rum, cream and spices making it taste like rice pudding). Also I had a quarter piece of coconut pie. More comments from the police. Steve, bless him, never comments on what I eat or drink though I bet he has been tempted. If nagging worked, we'd all be skinny.

Back when I was a freshman, I had this whiny boyfriend who ate only because he had to. He didn't understand that some people enjoy eating. Dear Reader, I was thin then. He ate lunch at my dorm on Brownie day, one of the few things the dorm could make well. So as I ate my brownie, Sourpuss would be telling me how I didn't need that. I grabbed another one. Good riddance to that one.

I met up with him in Seattle about 15 years later. I weighed the same as I had as a freshman though I had two kids. But I was also doing triathlons and marathons. I was quite buff. (I want that body back). He was still bony though somehow he had a potbelly. What could 18 year old Sue been thinking?

It was fun. The girl cousins played happily together. Don'tae had dropped Maya off early. Every 5 minutes, when are we going to Shanna's, when are we going to Shanna's. Julie is not enjoying late pregnancy. 40 days at most to go. The baby now is more mature than Daniel was when he appeared.

The 9 foot tree is in our living room. I've spent a good part of the day hanging ornaments. I have hundreds. I need the ladder to get some of them up. I finished the smaller trees.

Tomorrow might be dry and calm enough for a bike ride. I 've been running a lot.


Elephant's Child said...

Sigh on the food police front. And how right you are about the nagging.
Decorating? It won't happen here for a few more weeks. And will be minimalist.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

I decorate for the grandkids so they will hopefully have fond memories of Grandma's. I also will have Xmas party for the Moms in just 2 weeks so I wanted to finish decorating by then.

Wish I didn't tell people about my big plan to lose weight so they would not be obliged to 'help' me


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