Sunday, November 27, 2016

My favorite Christmas Ornaments

Finally finished this
My oldest ornament: a Pegasus that Soulmate gave me in college
I have several framed photos of grandkids and kids
tackiest ornament
the moon is lit up
Mexican dough creche
Lots of embroidered and needlepoint ornaments made by yours truly
And some felt ones

I have three trees, 4 if you include the rosemary plant I put little ornaments on. My metal wire tree has Mexican tin ornaments on; a white one has golds, silver and pink ornaments and the big tree has a mix of stuffed animals, hand blown glass, carved wood, felt, cloth and a few plastic ornaments. Some are quite tacky but I rarely throw things away.

We will have large flashing snowflakes on the front porch. Not sure where to put my laser disc moving snowflakes. On the porch too? The flashing orange spiders were taken down today.

Bundling up, I was able to go 21 miles on the bike yesterday without freezing too much. Very uneventful weekend.

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Elephant's Child said...

21 miles? Wow.
My favourite ornaments are some glass birds with feathered tails. I must look for them. Soon. Ish.


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