Friday, April 6, 2012

Zwischen Immer und Nie

I told myself, No blogging until you perform a modicum of work around the house!
Would you believe I still had dirty shot glasses laying around after the Elephant Liquor bender a few of the Moms had right before I rushed away to Boston? Elephant liquor is so-named because it is made from the marula fruit that elephants especially love in South Africa.

True Steve had been home a full 8 days before I was but due to 'the division of labor', he doesn't hand wash stuff. He did make a temporary exception when Taxol caused my fingernails to lift off their nailbeds though I only lost toenails, the fingernails, streaked with white and brown, stayed on. Yeah I know I could have done the washing with gloves on...

So I am getting back to normal. I am running alot and good news for me, I am running faster. There were many walkers on the Minuteman trail and I was embarrassed to notice that some actually walked the same speed as I 'run'. So I changed my form, put as much effort as possible to ensure that I would pass them. It has been cool here, good for running but tough on entertaining Maya outside. I had her for 7 hours yesterday. I took her to an indoor playground full of various bouncy castles. Unfortunately, school is on vacation so the place was full of wild, older kids. It will be more fun with them back in school. Ms. Maya still isn't saying much (Shanna at the same age had a vocab of 155 words) but she is adept at signing. She is so very cute.

Margarita night was fun with the Moms though I probably should have left that third pomegranate one alone.
I just returned from a nice lunch at our favorite sushi place with Josh. It has seemed forever since I have seen him though we had talked plenty on the phone.

In a few days, we are on the road again.

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I think i might want your life!!!


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